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Tonka Combat Boot
  • Tonka Combat Boot


    The Tonka Combat Boot represents one of the most detailed and refined creations from our studio, exemplifying our mastery in the art of artificial aging. Made from shell cordovan leather, celebrated for its lustrous finish and exceptional durability, this boot undergoes a unique transformation.


    We used the same sophisticated vintage processing techniques as those applied to our Shell Cordovan Stelvio Derby. Typically, the rich patina of this leather develops over years of wear. However, our advanced methods accelerate this natural aging process. Each boot is meticulously treated to ensure the aging effect is visually authentic while enhancing the leather’s inherent qualities.


    The result of this intensive process is a boot that exudes the character of a well-loved favorite, complete with creases, color variations, and a weathered charm that usually takes decades to achieve. Although brand new, the Tonka Combat Boot appears as if it has already lived through countless steps and adventures, ready to join its new owner on their own journeys.


    Italian Vegetable Tanned Shell Cordovan Horsehide

    5 Layer Cowide Leather outsole

    Hand-Sewn Goodyear Welt Construction

    6 Eye Boot

    2" Leather Midsole

    4 Step Wash Vintage Wash | Dry Process

    Object Dyed

    Nailed Heel

    Includes Dustbag

    Removable Insoles

    Made In Italy


    Due to the complex nature of this production method, stock will be limited to 100 Units.







    However, If you find yourself between sizes, we recommend that you opt for the next full size down due to the wide toebox. 


    As we continue to delve deeper into our artisanal footwear, the Tonka Combat Boot serves as a trial to determine its future production. For now, we will be producing only 100 units. A larger release is planned for early 2025. The retail price for this limited release is $720, which will increase to $800 in 2025.


    US SIZING & EURO Sizing


    EXAMPLE 10 US = 9UK = 43 EURO

    EXAMPLE 9 US = 8UK = 42 EURO


    We are more than halfway through production, which is scheduled to be completed by the end of this month. Shipping will begin in the second week of August.

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