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Vector Puzzle Jacket
  • Vector Puzzle Jacket


    Introducing the Vector Puzzle Jacket.A distinctive western jacket meticulously crafted from disassembled vector denim and re-patterned.Each jacket boasts its own distinct pattern, ensuring that every piece is truly unique and stands on its own.Careful attention is given to incorporate every single detail from our previous denim, ensuring that the narrative remains intact and true.


    Note :  All jackets are unique pieces with different patterns. No two jackets are alike.


    This exclusive piece is strictly limited to only 40 units


    • 100% Cotton
    • System 32.
    • 14oz Japanese Denim 
    • Double Processed To Achieve Contrasting Fades
    • Denim Sourced In Osaka, Japan 
    • Disassembled Vector Denim and Re-patterned
    • Made In New York 

    View last photo for size chart

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